She doesn’t feel well.. she is dying.. she cannot breathe.
I am talking about the earth…our mother.

Her children intend to kill her.

Thankless children are doing harm to their mother.

They fight... they make the tree fall, they kill angles named animals, and they destroy each other.

It has been few years that these ungrateful children has turned mother’s love into a knife...
pushing it into mother’s chest, deeper and deeper everyday.

Earth, our mother, is dying because of the plastic’s sharp harm.

Here, however, still exist people hearing mother’s howl

These are the children not yet polluted with the poison of adolescence. 
People with little hands, and great hearts.

They sit to participate, with their tiny hands and great hearts
in making the bags that are made of earth, and will turn back to earth.
They try to be a comfort for the earth.

This time, these little brave soldiers, have called for our help to protect the earth, our mother.

So each of us, as much as we can, reduce the harm of the plastics on our mother’s heart
and be a comfort for the earth
that saving mother’s life would mean saving ours and our children’s lives. 
By buying environmental bags, 
Darvaze Qar House Of Knowledge's production, 
Lets be a support for earth and her children.

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so it would reach to every one who wants to be a earth’s protector (By making the culture of use of cloth bags instead of plastic bags)
caretaker mothers (bags makers)
and children labor (bags’s painters). 
Darvaze Ghar House Of Knowledge
A House for protection of labor children
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